The Special Operations (MM) Alumni Association – About

The Special Operations Division (in Hebrew – Mem-Mem or Mivtza’im Meuhadim Division), which belongs to the Israel Defence Force’s Military Intelligence Directorate, is entrusted with providing a response to the most acute security challenges facing the State of Israel. The Division’s emblem is a triangle, consisting of three components: intelligence—The Intelligence Center (which is also called MM), technology—Unit 81, and operations—the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit known as Sayeret Matkal (and other units).

The Intelligence Center (MM) is the intelligence component of the Special Operations Division. The Center is responsible for conceptualizing the intelligence picture, initiating, developing and leading the operations. A., a former commander of the Division, described it as “the driving force behind the entire Special Operations Division that moves it forwards and works on the master plans. They, in essence, mark the path to the goal.”

Alumni of the Intelligence Center (MM) may currently be found at the leading intersections in the Israeli economy and society and operate in a variety of sectors. They hold key positions in the military, government, academia, the business world and in particular the high-tech world.

Among the alumni one may count high-tech entrepreneurs who have built very successful companies such as: Aeronautics, Riskified, Forter, Guardicoe, Medigate, Explorium, Donde etc.

Likewise, alumni of the unit hold senior positions in leading high-tech companies such as the Big Five, Nvidia, VMware, Wix & Solaredge. The alumni are at the top of their field in data, analysis, development, product, strategy, marketing, and business development.

The Special Operations (MM) Alumni Association mission is to act on behalf of the alumni of the Intelligence Center in their civilian lives and assists them in creating businesses, placement, networking, mentoring and education. A top goal of the MM association is to advance the mutual activities of alumni of all the units in the Division (The intelligence unit, 81 and Matkal), mainly in the field of entrepreneurship and business. Alumni of the division founded companies that reached a total value of more than $ 100 billion, and the future potential is huge.

Among the Association’s partners are business companies, investment funds and philanthropic bodies, which donate money to fund the Association’s activities and in return receive exposure and access to the unique human capital found among the more than 3,000 alumni of the Center.